Ciara Perrone Photography.

Ciara Perrone
Photographer | Cinematographer

Pyramids of Asbury Park

@pinkfontaine Everybody Got Guns video is dropping tonight at 12:25 on ! Check it out ! 🎁 Shot by @dreammkrs

Still gotta give it to my mom for the prettiest tree 🎄
Helping my mom decorate the house for Christmas…
#bright #ideas
Watch this movie.
My new movado #highfashion
My first time at a GoGo bar. I drank a budlight & shot a rap video. Probably also my last time at a GoGo bar.
15. December 2013

1. The Wes Anderson Collection

2. Phillip Lorca DiCortia’s Hustler

3. The Stanley Kubrick Archives

Oh, and a lot of 35mm and 4x5 Kodak Porta 400.


Torso- 1973

She likes Italian horror and listens to the scores
My friend just released his EP that I worked on the album art for! Go check out Initial Public Offering.
Yesterday, I ate an avocado. 

Follow me on Instagram for more avocados. Jk, this is the only picture I have of an avocado but follow me anyway @cc4prezi